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Look At All The Crazy Muff Designs

Trustworthiness of Vagina

Do you ever ponder what funny styles your lady can come up with her juice box? Seeing a good looking, shaved juice box is always a great thing, but what if she wants to do more than the regular strip every so often. Muff Scaping presents all of the funny ways a woman can trim her pussy hair. The graphic time line demonstrates to you what shaves are dependable and which ones are dangerous that you should be aware of.


It’s a fun time line with names and photos of how the pussy hair is cut. You will witness cuts such as The Mesmer-muff, The Landing Strip, The Cheech, The Muffigram, The Hairy Potter and a lot more.  You will be allowed to spread the love of this hilarious graphic onto any other webpage with the HTML code that is provided on the website. Check out Trim Your Muff for the most terrific descriptions of the funny styles of the vagina.